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We are glad your're here.  It has been a long journey for us, but we are just getting started and we hope you will join us for the ride.

At Dogged State, we believe true joy is found when you put all of your energy into the things you love. 

It is our joy and duty to do the same for you; one bottle at a time.

Dog-ged (adjective): marked by stubborn determination

State (noun): mode or conditioning of being

Dogged State is so much more than a name.
It’s a competitive spirit and an unwillingness to settle.
It’s taking inspiration from those who came before us and chose the path less traveled.
It is also the place where every one of us chooses to relentlessly pursue our passions.
It’s the trickling sweat of a hard day’s work.
The glistening pride in a parent’s eye.
It’s the mental space where passionate and competitive people dwell, The robust laughter from stories shared around a fire.
There are no shortcuts here.
No secrets.
Just passion, effort, and the pure joy that comes from it.
Our dogged state has led us here.
Where’s your dogged state?


Named after the beautiful mahi-mahi, our Dogged State often takes us out on the open water.

We crafted this vodka to bring to life the delicate intensity of pursuing your next catch with the smooth finish of success.

That's why we put the same tenacity and patience that goes into a long day of fishing into each bottle for a flavor as bold as the Dorado fish itself.

What's your Dogged State?